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Valchi Dol is situated in Northeastern Bulgaria and is part of Varna District. The proximity to the sea capital of Bulgaria (just 30 km away) is a precondition for the development of the town and at the other hand suggests good transport connections. The Municipality of Valchi Dol approved a strategic program to support the local business and to attract new Bulgarian partners and foreign investors. In the recent years the economy marks quite stable progress and created business favorable environment. Municipality recognizes its strongest asset- the geographical location and the natural resources and put the accent on the development of tourism. The fact that at the territory of the Municipality is the only one ski slope in Northeastern Bulgaria determines the potential of Valchi Dol as a tourist destination. The insufficiency of accommodations is fact and investments are required to be done. Another important fact is that is increasing the number of the foreigners that find this region attractive and already have bought properties there. Investors have already bought building plots and land and built them up with complexes of modern residential buildings. Villas and houses in the neighboring villages are more than advantageous and many people take advantage of the good deal. The unique fact that Valchi Dol boasts of ski slope and at the same time is so close to the sea will influence positively the tourism all the year long. Therefore improvement and increase of the entertainment facility is a must. Investing in purchase of restaurants, bars, and cafes is considered smart and profitable. Shops and supermarkets are also needed. Apart from the conventional tourism, there are some excellent hunting and fishing areas detached and the hunting tourism is already popular in the region. The region is charged with great development potential so do not hesitate but take a look at the latest offers in our website.

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