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Choosing a property in Bulgaria you probably dream about a brand new house: cozy and comfortable, well designed and functional …   Do not hesitate! Your dream will come true in a few months!

We will provide you with a complete service from the very beginning, starting with offering you a proper plot for building and completing with handing over the key to your new built home.

The building procedure will pass through a few stages.
The first step is specifying the design of the house: we can offer you variety of designs in order to help you with an idea. If you are thinking about something with a different shape and interesting architecture you could share your ideas with our architect. You will be able to see the visualized project from different sides on a computer. The architect will make corrections until you approve the best design. Once the design is approved, the project will be coordinated with the local authorities and all necessary permissions will be collected. That procedure takes about one month.

After all the permissions are at hand, we can start with construction.

The first thing to do is the foundations and excavation for septic tank (if there is no main drainage in the area). Once done, the construction itself comes next.

We offer different kinds of construction: iron, massive.

Massive construction is made from concrete pillars and then filled with bricks between them. A waterproof and thermal insulation is fixed to outside walls and then concrete-gypsum plaster is used for inside walls.
Upon demand we use massive stone for construction in traditional Bulgarian style.

Iron construction consist of weld iron structure, covered with a special waterproof, thermal and noise insulation for outside walls, wadding in the middle and plasterboards for inside walls.

Generally, the condition of iron and massive structures covered with similar materials outside and inside and looks very alike. Although the massive structure is very stable, the iron one does not yield to massive in its sturdiness and condition. However iron house will cost you less then the massive one.

Roof is usually covered with tiles and modern waterproof material below.

When the main construction is complete, the roof is done, there comes the following step - facing and internal finishing.

For outside façade we use stone and a modern mineral plaster over the insulation material, that color you can choose personally.

For internal finishing we use the following materials:
1. Plastic plumbing and wiring including TV, phone and internet cables around the house;
2. Windows: PVC or wooden;
3. Walls: flat concrete-gypsum plaster and acrylic paint in the rooms;
4. Ceilings: flatly plastered and painted in white;
5. Flooring: laminate parquet (or original wooden parquet upon demand) in the rooms;
6. Corridors storage rooms: tiling on the floors and paint on the walls;
7. Doors: inside MDF doors and steal outside door;
8. Bathroom: tiling on the floor and walls;
9. Sanitary units: toilet bowl, sink, hot-cold shower in the bathroom;
10. Boiler fixed;

Additionally, upon demand we can put:
1. Air conditioners;
2. Local gas or combined heating system;
3. Sauna;
4. Security System;
5. Solid fence around the plot;
6. Full green layout in the yard;
7. Swimming-pool;

Besides constructing new houses we offer any kind of repair and renovations. Buying an old house we will provide all necessary works, so that "the ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan".

If you wish to make the best investment in Bulgarian properties, do not hesitate to contact us!





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