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Traveling across Bulgaria in hers east-central parts you cannot miss to visit Sliven cozy huddled in the southern foothills of the eastern Balkan Mountains. Located on the international highway E 773, connecting Sofia and Bourgas, the town is an easy draw away from your journey. Once there you can learn more about the history of the town see its landmarks and drink a glass of classy wine in some of the excellent restaurants and bars. The first thing you get in touch entering the town is the famous Sinite Kamani rocky massif part of the National Park with the same name with the peculiar nature landmarks. The place known to the keen skiers- Karandila is also there. Just right in the heart of the town the famous thousand years old oak tree can be seen. They say that the tree represents the rebellious spirit of the people living there, because the tree itself has survived the burning of the medieval Sliven by the Turks. Continuing your promenade you will encounter the several museums in the town- the Town Museum of History, the Museum of Renaissance Arts and the Hadzhi Dimitar House-Museum. Sinking in the history of the town you will also learn that Sliven was the place where the first Bulgarian textile factory was opened in 1834 by Dobry Zhelyazkov. This fact positively influenced the future development of the town. Nowadays Sliven has well-developed technical infrastructure and great industrial, economic and commerce potential that is going to be developed. Nowadays the town is famous for the carpet manufacture, engineering and glasswork. The Municipality attends are towards attracting foreign investors and new business partners. The potential of the town is really significant and many investments already have been used in order to build or purchase modern factories. Industrial terrains are kind of property that is trade with. The favorable natural and climatic conditions determine the growth of the agriculture and the food processing industry. Here is the largest and the most technically advanced wineries in Bulgaria with the reputation of a leading producer of quality wines. In the recent years when the wine tourism became popular, the town increased the number of the tourists apart from the ones that have come to see the National Park or the historical museums. The number of the tourists coming to the town has increased also by the fact that there are healing mineral water springs near Sliven, thus creating conditions for the development of the area as a SPA resort. The neighboring towns Kotel, Medven and Zheravna are well-known ethnographic reserves. There are many Bulgarians and foreigners who have already been charmed by the clean mountainous air, beautiful nature and life so far away from the big traffics, and have bought houses in the region. As a provincial town, the property prices are lower than the capital and the big cities. Houses in the nearby villages can be bought at a reasonable price. If you are interested in this region, check out the latest offers in our website.

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