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Among the diversity of property types at the Bulgaria real estate market, offices cover small but important share. Offices are mostly rented. It is more convenient to direct the capital into the main activities of the company rather than using it for the purchase of an office. Of course there are exceptions to the rule because in some cases big companies prefer to buy the office or even entire business building. In last few years it is observed interest towards business buildings. Companies prefer to rent their office in such building because of the concentration of business opportunities and these buildings are easily recognizable. Generally in the price are included all the accommodations offered like parking, cleaning, guard and etc- all you need to do is to choose a place and a business building and you can start your company just in the same day. Business buildings are most popular in Sofia and the other big cities. Large investments are orientated in purchase of building plots in development lands just because it is very profitable to build such buildings and then rent the offices to different companies. Apart from the concentration of business there are people that prefer to place their office in the centre of the capital or the town. It is still very popular the office to be at a strategic street. Offices in the centre are quite expensive to rent but still it is prestigious. Of course the company may not place its business at a strategic position but then it will have to rely on a good advertisement. The latest offers can be found in our comprehensive website.
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