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The abundance of natural resources: high mountains, green plains, rivers, lakes, sea, the well developed economy, the political and social stability in the last years, have turned Bulgaria into a place preferred for holiday, business or investment, and this has actually caused the boom in the real estate demand and sales in the country. There are not many countries in the world where in this dynamic century you would still be able to find peaceful, clean and naturally beautiful areas. And Bulgaria is strewed with plenty of such paradise nooks! We should also mention the fact that the prices of properties as well as goods and services in Bulgaria, are pretty lower than those in the rest of the European countries. Coming to Bulgaria a foreigner could live on money several times less than the one he spends in his own country and at the same time he could enjoy the unique nature beauty.

Many Bulgarian and foreign poets and writers have described in their works the beauties of Bulgaria.
But only he, who has seen it, has been able to actually feel its particular charm!
A country so small in area and population, yet so diverse in landscape, history and culture!

Bulgaria cannot be considered as a typically marine, or a typically mountainous, or a predominantly flat country only. It has combined all features of nature in unique perfection!

With its golden beaches, high mountains strewn with enchantingly beautiful mountain lakes, with hundreds of mineral springs, with the wealth of its historical and cultural heritage, Bulgaria is an attractive destination which leaves unforgettable memories with everyone who has visited it.

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