Pomorie is one of the biggest spa centers on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast specializing in mud cure of the locomotory system, gynecological, heart and liver diseases.

The town of Pomorie is located on a small rocky peninsula 3500 m in the sea, 18 km to the south of Sunny Beach, 20 km to the north of Bourgas. It was formed as a settlement in the 4. century BCE next to a salt lake, the Pomoriisko lake, called by the ancient Thracians the Holy Lake because of its curative effect. The lake came into being after a disastrous earthquake in 740 BCE. From the 10.centuty BCE the closeness to the salt lake started to determine people's livelihood. Besides the usual occupation fishing, fruit- and vine-growing people began to make their living of the salt production. From the 15 to the 19.century Pomorie was the biggest salt supplier in the Ottoman Empire after Solon. Today the visitors of Pomorie can make themselves acquainted with the traditional local way of the salt production.

Other places of interest in the town of Pomorie:

• The male monastery "St. George" famous for its vines and brandies;
• The architectural complex "The old houses of Pomoria" located in the old part of the town.

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