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The picturesque mountain town Troyan is nestled in the heart of central Bulgaria on the both banks of River Beli Osam. The generosity of the nature appears everywhere. The region fascinates the visitors with the magnificent sceneries, mountain hospitability and generosity and the abundance of interesting places to be seen. At the territory of Troyan there are three National reserves- Kozia Stena, Steneto and the Jendem. They are gathering place for keen ecologists and nature lovers. The town is also popular with premium quality plum brandy (rakia) and it is an interesting fact that there is even annual Festival of the plum in the autumn. In the Oreshaka locality near Troyan another Fair takes place- the Fair of Traditional Crafts and thousand of people come in flocks from June till September to see the exhibition. The Oreshaka locality also offers excellent accommodations to spend your vacation there in the tourist complex. Nearby is the famous Troyan Monastery- the third biggest monastery in Bulgaria, built in the 17th century, home of the miraculous icon The three handed Virgin Mary. The Oreshaka complex has the capacity to meet the visitors to the Fair, as well as groups of tourists and families that want to spend their vacation there or simply have come to see the Troyan Monastery. The village of Chiflick is the next spot just 15 km away from Troyan, where tourists may enjoy the crystal clean mountain air as well as the mineral water coming out from a powerful mineral spring. There is a holiday complex outside the village. Beklemeto is the perfect place for the keen skiers in the winter as an excellent ski resort with nice ski paths, ski school, few hotels and cozy restaurants. Apriltsi is a small town near Troyan with great history and fascinating beauty. First class hotels invite Bulgarian and foreign tourists there. Because there is also detached hunting area, the town gathers also many hunters during the season. The tourism in the whole region is highly developed so it is really advantageous and profitable to invest there. Buying land and then building it up with hotels and residential buildings might be most profitable. The fact that lots of people want to have a house or a villa in this particular region have to be taken into consideration. Troyan is a town with highly developed wood-working industry and in fact the famous and Troyans furniture is produced there. Therefore a favorable business environment exists there. More information can be found in our website.
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