Varna is a host city

of the swimming marathon

Varna will be the host city of a round of the swimming marathon World cup. This was stated during a press conference by the director of the marathon Valentin Milkov. The competition will take place on August 8th. Bulgaria will host an event of this scope for the first time. Elite swimmers from twelve countries (Azerbaijan, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, New Zealand, USA, Chile and Bulgaria) will participate in the swimming marathon championship. Applications for participation can still be sent and more teams are expected to join the competition. The championship is organized with the co-operation of the Naval forces of Bulgaria, the Sea administration Varna, Border police, the Bulgarian federation for swimming sports and the Swimming club Cherno more Armeets.

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of the swimming marathon

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200 parking lots in the top centre of Varna

At transactions a Declaration of Conformity is to be completed

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The first phase of Perelik Tourist Centre's construction is set to begin this fall, representatives of the investor, the local Sports and Tourism Centre Perelik, announced, as quoted by Dnevnik Daily.

Property investors thinking of expanding their portfolio to include homes in Bulgaria are being targeted by a new mortgage product from the UK branch of one of Greece's biggest finance institutions.

House prices in Bulgaria have risen by more than quarter since last year and further increases are expected over the coming months, one expert has said.

Property prices in Bulgaria are rising fast as foreign investment continues to climb, a European news site has reported.

At the present time there are only three golf courses in the whole of Bulgaria: one at Elin Pelin, near the capital, Sofia, and two owned by Air Sofia.

Bulgaria has supported a booming property market that for 4 years and attracted a multitude of European and American investors, many of whom have chosen to remain in the market and make subsequent purchases.

An article on how to make 500% profit return in five years by investing in cheap property now in Bulgaria before its too late.

A discussion of Bulgaria, where it is and what it has to offer as a country newly emerging on the tourist and investing map.

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The studio and one-bedroom apartments has raised their price with record -breaking increase of over 33 % in the prestigious quarters in the capital of Bulgaria Sofia, during 2006,the data of the last investigations has pointed the fact.

Golf projects have been worked out in Balchik, Kavarna ,Sunny Beach, Burgas, Dolna Banya and Razlog and soon they will count many in our country.

What to expect with Bulgaria joining the EU in the field of real estates?
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