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The town of Kavarna fascinates the visitor with its great and compelling history, breath-taking nature and in the last few years with the staggering rock concerts. Kavarna is a Black sea coastal town situated in the fertile Dobrudja lands, at a 64 km from Varna and 49 km from Dobrich. It was settled in the distant V century BC by the Greek colonials who called the place Chirakman Byzone. In those ancient times this place had interesting destiny the frontal part of the Chirakman broke off and fell together with the citizens in the sea. The place was after that inhabited by Romans, afterwards come the Pre-Bulgarians till the Ottomans who nearly destroyed the city. Every single civilization left its imprint and valuable remains to the historical treasury of Bulgaria. Another place of interest for the tourists is the Kaliakra Cope, located at a 12 km from Kavarna. This place has a fascinating appearance that grasps the visitors attention while the guide tells the legend of the forty maids who committed suicide by jumping into the sea to escape capture by the Ottomans. Close to Kavarna is the famous Rousallka resort which is situated in the Natural Reserve Taukliman Bay. The surrounding plateau is the only natural steppe to survive till present day in Europe. The beach resort was in the past only in favor of the French holiday makers while today it is come-to able to everyone. The Municipality of Kavarna supports the local business, attracts new investors and provide stable economic environment. Lots of investments were acquired that assisted the development of the region. Not only the archaeological places of interest and the natural beauties of Kavarna attract Bulgarian and foreign visitors. In the last few years it became the centre of rock-and roll happenings. Rock-and-roll dinosaurs gathered thousands of fans at their staggering concerts. During those peak periods the town welcomes the rock-and roll fans plus the common tourists. Realized the fact that Kavarna is fast developing region and is a preferred place for tourists and rock fans, Bulgarian and foreign companies and businessmen invest in property purchase. Hotels, modern residential complexes are built and trade with. Intensive construction and trade is observed concerning the restaurants, bars and cafes in order to meet the demands of the increased number of tourists. Because of that intensive development, the town becomes first-class beach resort and this fact reflects the prices. Prices of the houses and apartments are high, even the off-plan holiday apartments are expensive. Comparatively more advantageous is to buy land. Its price differs according to the location. Another type of land that is bought by the investors is the agricultural land. Those who want to develop their own agricultural business, the fertile Kavarna lands are the most appropriate for the occasion. Read more the about the latest offers in our website.

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